Ringkasan Pengetahuan Baru

28 April 2010

Tulisan ini merupakan pokok materi yang di dapatkan dari berbagai sumber pengetahuan terbaru. Apabila anda tertarik untuk membaca yang lebih lengkap silahkan klik link adf yang mengikuti setiap artikel.

00:34 Ill. firefighters rescue dog from recliner chair
(AP): AP – Three suburban Chicago firefighters rescued a small… adf.ly/289Q #

00:51 exclusivemails.net berani bayar $50 per register adf.ly/27Xv #

00:51 Need Help About Pay paypal adf.ly/27Xv #

01:40 Driver’s thumbs insured for $13 million
(Reuters): Reuters – Double world champion Fernando Alonso gave a 10 mi… adf.ly/289Q #

01:40 Spitzer film recalls glory days, bares enemies
(Reuters): Reuters – Eliot Spitzer left a lot of enemies in his … adf.ly/289Q #

02:26 PayPal kena Limited – 1 Minggu Beres – Share Info adf.ly/27Xv #

03:22 Bangkok Bank expands in Malaysia: JOHOR, MALAYSIA: Bangkok Bank will focus its overseas banking expansion on Malaysi… adf.ly/27oH #

04:17 Depressed? You must like chocolate
(Reuters): Reuters – People who are depressed eat more chocolate than people… adf.ly/289Q #

06:28 New monitor lizard discovered in Indonesia: A newly discovered species of monitor lizard, a close relative of the Ko… adf.ly/27oH #

08:30 Membina Moral Lewat Pengasuhan Orangtua adf.ly/288g #

08:30 Diluncurkan, Forum Kebijakan Kesehatan adf.ly/288g #

08:30 Tinggalkan Kacamata dengan Z-Lasik! adf.ly/288g #

08:30 Transplantasi Wajah Utuh Pertama di Dunia adf.ly/288g #

08:30 Kebutaan Jared Harus Diusut adf.ly/288g #

08:51 Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the twin brother of the Polish president killed in a plane crash earlier this month, will be a ca.. bit.ly/cpILn4 #

09:10 [ASK] Sistem Penjualan E-Book adf.ly/27Xv #

09:41 kosmetik adf.ly/27Xv #

09:56 Depressed? You must like chocolate
(Reuters): Reuters – People who are depressed eat more chocolate than people… adf.ly/289Q #

10:12 Klik dapet duit! gratis tanpa modal! adf.ly/27Xv #

10:35 Indonesia: Native English Teachers Wanted for June 2010 in North Sumatra,Indonesia: SPAIN SPAIN SPAIN SPAIN ITALY Ex… adf.ly/27oH #

11:28 Police seize blogger’s computers over iPhone prototype
(Reuters): Reuters – Police broke into a blogger’s home … adf.ly/289Q #

11:30 Whether your form of advertising is done by PPC search, social network, contextual, email partner with lx.im/56vn #ad #

13:46 [Share] Lockyourspot launch 15 May adf.ly/27Xv #

14:40 Ortu Berperan Cegah Remaja Lakukan Seks Bebas adf.ly/288g #

14:41 Mechanic jailed six and half years for causing injuries leading to death: MUAR: A young mechanic escaped the gallows… adf.ly/27oH #

15:38 Gili Islands Lombok – Great Party, Great Underwater and Great Beaches: The Gili Islands
Near Pemenang a road leads t… adf.ly/27o9 #

15:38 Lombok Island Indonesia – Paradise Just Next to Bali: LOMBOK ISLAND INFORMATION
Lombok (1990 pop. 2,403,025) is an i… adf.ly/27o9 #

16:09 Raja Ampat Explorer Dive Liveaboard: RAJA AMPAT EXPLORER is a pinisi-shaped boutique live-aboard, manned by a frien… adf.ly/27o9 #

16:09 How to Get to Raja Ampat: The Raja Ampat area of Northwest Papua (the second largest island in the world) is filled… adf.ly/27o9 #

16:09 Schedule 2010 Cruises and Diving Liveaboard: Schedule 2010 Cruises and Diving Liveaboard from Lombok/Gili Islands to… adf.ly/27o9 #

16:09 Bulan Purnama Phinisi Sailing Boat: BULAN PURNAMA
The Luxury Pirate Ship
We are a quality provider of liveaboard B… adf.ly/27o9 #

16:20 HOLY BOOK OF EBAY – http://www.klinikebay.com — [ GRATIS !!! ] adf.ly/27Xv #

16:40 Raja Ampat Dive Sites: West Papua Indonesia comprises the western half of the huge island of New Guinea situated ju… adf.ly/27o9 #

18:24 bisnis dengan penghasilan harian adf.ly/27Xv #

19:19 As They Fold, Indonesia Garment Makers Blame China: Mufardi Rusli’s neighbors hunch over tables covered in brightly … adf.ly/27oH #

20:12 $17,000 diamond donated to Pennsylvania charity
(AP): AP – A retired jeweler sorting through items donated to a… adf.ly/289Q #

20:12 UK-Odd Summary
(Reuters): Reuters – Scottish police in the 1930s believed the existence of the Loch Ness monste… adf.ly/289Q #

20:12 Police wanted to protect Loch Ness monster
(Reuters): Reuters – Scottish police in the 1930s believed the exist… adf.ly/289Q #

21:01 After a month at a treatment facility to deal with "personal issues," Jesse James was spotted back at his Los Angeles.. bit.ly/cXZbCD #

21:33 7,000 fake Rolex watches are steamrolled in Philly
(AP): AP – A steamroller has crushed about 7,000 fake Rolex … adf.ly/289Q #

23:37 UK-Odd Summary
(Reuters): Reuters – German police are investigating a man for theft after he siphoned electrici… adf.ly/289Q #

23:56 Indonesia to spend 18.87 bln USD on world’s longest suspension bridge: The construction of the Sunda Strait Bridge, … adf.ly/27oH #

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