Ringkasan Pengetahuan Baru

4 Mei 2010

Tulisan ini merupakan pokok materi yang di dapatkan dari berbagai sumber pengetahuan terbaru. Apabila anda tertarik untuk membaca yang lebih lengkap silahkan klik link adf yang mengikuti setiap artikel.

00:44 Antique Keris Competition Attracts Collectors From Singapore, Indonesia: KUALA TERENGGANU, May 2 — Antique keris co… adf.ly/27oH #

01:01 Bisnis yg sekaligus membantu program pemerintah dan yayasan anak yatim-piatu adf.ly/27Xv #

04:43 Indonesia getsUS$3.8b FDIin first quarter: JAKARTA: Foreign investors staked US$3.8 billion in Indonesia in the firs… adf.ly/27oH #

08:23 Mengenal Parkinson Lebih Dekat adf.ly/288g #

08:23 Tetap Positif dalam Situasi Sulit adf.ly/288g #

08:23 Layanan Kesehatan Sederhana adf.ly/288g #

08:23 Korban Nikotin Lampaui Korban Naziisme adf.ly/288g #

08:23 Mencegah Kulit Terserang Penyakit adf.ly/288g #

08:51 President Obama’s punch lines targeted a diverse group Saturday — from teen sensations the Jonas Brothers to comedia.. bit.ly/b32kcP #

09:12 Globe Trekker "Indonesia – Java & Sumatra": Beginning May 1, 2010, Wyoming PBS will be testing new programming on ou… adf.ly/27oH #

09:16 Akun Google Adsense Tanpa Blog? goo.gl/fb/4vZnL bisnis online #

11:00 You can be financially rewarded, just by participating… even if you never enrolled a single rep. Proven, system-dri lx.im/59OZ #ad #

11:06 DAPAT KOMPENSASI DARI MENJUAL PRODUK AMAZON goo.gl/fb/45K6a bisnis online #

13:13 ALERTPAY anyone?? adf.ly/27Xv #

13:23 Tour of Singapore for maids: Foreign domestic workers being briefed yesterday on how Sir Stamford Raffles founded Si… adf.ly/27oH #

14:18 Download GRATIS Ebook Formulabisnis,Bikinduit,Uangpanas,Gygapro dll adf.ly/27Xv #

17:22 Pakistani national killed in Jakarta: ISLAMABAD: Akasha Rao, a Pakistani national who had gone to Indonesia last mon… adf.ly/27oH #

19:19 Tornadoes, heavy rain sweep South adf.ly/2GMi #

19:48 Documentary ‘Babies’ touches hearts, makes mothers’ day adf.ly/2GMi #

19:51 Polanski says extradition request is based on a lie adf.ly/2GNc #

20:23 Coalition takes Newspoll lead adf.ly/2GPb #

20:54 (Riau, Indonesia) Unggul Cipta Bee Ranch: There are various types of honey bees are worth… goo.gl/fb/Hkqpo #

21:27 ALP on slide after dumping ETS adf.ly/2GPb #

21:27 Premier warns resource levy threatens mining projects adf.ly/2GPb #

21:27 New lab to keep control of drugs adf.ly/2GPb #

21:27 Wilderness Society split heads to court adf.ly/2GPb #

21:27 Pressure on Reserve to lift rates adf.ly/2GPb #

21:34 Indonesian man sentenced to 20 years for murdering Japanese tourist: An Indonesian district court on Monday sentence… adf.ly/27oH #

21:51 When was the last time you were driving down the digital highway and felt like you were shot by words?

.. bit.ly/adBEZw #

22:36 Clarke forced to fly by night after cut confusion
(Reuters): Reuters – Darren Clarke had to fly back overnight … adf.ly/289Q #

22:40 Iran, U.S. take their nuclear dispute to UN stage adf.ly/2GMi #

22:58 Somali Islamists vow to stop piracy, free hostages adf.ly/2GMi #

23:17 Southern floods, storms kill 19 adf.ly/2GMi #

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