Ringkasan Pengetahuan Baru

8 Mei 2010

Tulisan ini merupakan pokok materi yang di dapatkan dari berbagai sumber pengetahuan terbaru. Apabila anda tertarik untuk membaca yang lebih lengkap silahkan klik link adf yang mengikuti setiap artikel.

00:59 Candles offer a whiff of White Castle’s burgers
(AP): AP – Fans of White Castle’s oniony hamburgers have a new … adf.ly/289Q #

02:13 Police: Woman attempts robbery, tries to eat note
(AP): AP – Authorities in Ohio said a woman tried to rob a ba… adf.ly/289Q #

02:13 Team berated for Hooters sponsorship deal
(Reuters): Reuters – An under-16 Australian Rules football team has c… adf.ly/289Q #

02:13 FBI: Ohio woman tried to rob bank with cop in line
(AP): AP – Authorities in Ohio say a woman tried to rob a ba… adf.ly/289Q #

03:39 Ohio police warn of mysterious pair of peacocks
(AP): AP – Two peacocks strutting their stuff have motorists on… adf.ly/289Q #

03:39 Man accused of smashing van into mobile homes
(AP): AP – Colorado authorities said they have no idea what led a… adf.ly/289Q #

03:39 South Korean driver earns license on 960th try
(AP): AP – A South Korean woman who earned a driver’s license af… adf.ly/289Q #

04:48 Neanderthals live on in some of us – DNA study
(Reuters): Reuters – Neanderthals and modern humans interbred, p… adf.ly/289Q #

11:15 We’re seeking people to test, report any bugs, review, and rate the Apple iPad. Complimentary unit may be kept for lx.im/59OV #ad #

11:27 Agar Tak Tertular Mata Merah adf.ly/288g #

11:27 Sembuhkan DB dengan Kurma adf.ly/288g #

11:27 Bahagia = Memiliki Rasa Hidup yang Benar adf.ly/288g #

11:27 6 Cara Aneh Memperlakukan ‘Mr P’ adf.ly/288g #

11:27 Trik Memilih Pakaian Agar Tampak Langsing adf.ly/288g #

11:51 Michael Bloomberg is out a quarter. That’s how much New York’s mayor, who has an estimated net worth north of $15 bil.. bit.ly/9F8c8n #

12:40 Police: Woman attempts robbery, tries to eat note
(AP): AP – Authorities in Ohio said a woman tried to rob a ba… adf.ly/289Q #

12:42 Cara Mudah Lenyapkan Lingkaran Hitam Mata adf.ly/288g #

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14:50 Mana Paling Buruk, Selingkuh Emosi atau Seks? adf.ly/288g #

16:36 Berburu Tiket Penerbangan Murah via Online adf.ly/288g #

19:41 Lord Jesus Christ (his real name) hit by Mass. car
(AP): AP – The victim might have forgiven the woman who ran … adf.ly/289Q #

19:41 Shoe fans aTwitter in dash for Jimmy Choos
(Reuters): Reuters – Shoe lovers in London have been glued to their … adf.ly/289Q #

21:20 freeware download h1 a:hover {background-color:#888;color:#fff ! important;} … adf.ly/2HYk #

22:57 French approve return of Maori warrior heads
(Reuters): Reuters – The French parliament on Tuesday approved the… adf.ly/289Q #

23:52 As the "H2O Below" charter boat leaves the dock and heads into Pensacola Bay, it is chock full of divers.

.. bit.ly/bjq9Lz #

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