Ringkasan Pengetahuan Baru

3 Juni 2010

Tulisan ini merupakan pokok materi yang di dapatkan dari berbagai sumber pengetahuan terbaru. Apabila anda tertarik untuk membaca yang lebih lengkap silahkan klik link adf yang mengikuti setiap artikel.

00:50 Scientists: Deepwater oil disaster could affect marine life bit.ly/dsDfJG #

00:50 Moon race ads had the right stuff bit.ly/drNVXm #

02:03 Cyprus trip a political, spiritual minefield for the pope bit.ly/a62i4D #

02:03 Judge: No public school graduations at a church bit.ly/dqRI6O #

02:03 World Cup countdown sparks sticker frenzy bit.ly/9Lecj0 #

02:03 BP share price sinks, clean-up costs rise bit.ly/9mW096 #

02:35 Tropical Storm Agatha deaths rise to 179 in Central America bit.ly/bUIoab #

02:35 Obama threatens legal action over spill bit.ly/aOoYG3 #

02:35 Demands on Israel to free flotilla detainees bit.ly/bmQpNn #

03:48 Ethical debates surround U.S. colleges’ use of international recruiters bit.ly/9TKqZk #

03:48 911 program could ease emergency room problems bit.ly/96dGWp #

05:00 Three states — Alabama, Mississippi, and New Mexico — hold primaries Tuesday, and voters could make history in one .. bit.ly/c2XOSb #

05:05 Poll: Debt stresses out Americans bit.ly/bPHsTM #

06:49 ‘Glee’ summer camps may be a hit with singing students bit.ly/cv8QTt #

06:49 National Spelling Bee ‘competition is always wide open’ bit.ly/dB3Xbt #

07:58 ‘Glee’ summer camps may be a hit with singing students bit.ly/9N9Ogw #

07:58 National Spelling Bee ‘competition is always wide open’ bit.ly/9nej0G #

08:33 Vaccine appears to prevent breast cancer in mice bit.ly/d9l9Qm #

09:44 For Christians in Iraq, the threats persist bit.ly/dlXFis #

09:44 Woman set alight dies, suspect under guard bit.ly/9qpEgY #

09:44 Police draw up new warrant for Mansell bit.ly/aUcbkt #

10:59 ‘Excessive self-defence’ used in stabbings bit.ly/btdXtS #

12:43 Artur Davis loses bid to become Alabama’s first black governor bit.ly/cLNiit #

12:43 No contractor hired to run inspections bit.ly/cphWje #

12:43 Hu could serve out sentence in Australia bit.ly/c4Y0wY #

13:56 Artur Davis loses bid to become Alabama’s first black governor bit.ly/bEHpyA #

13:56 Heavy fine and jail for Kalashov bit.ly/dtdzB7 #

13:56 Japan’s PM quits bit.ly/90rc7U #

13:56 Mansell extradition over murder approved bit.ly/a5b5yp #

13:56 Foley knew of Oval blowout before poll bit.ly/aUjM0h #

14:31 Guatemalan’s face aftermath of storm Agatha bit.ly/cusqTA #

14:31 BP hopes to contain rather than stop oil leak soon bit.ly/cR2SYd #

14:31 Mum did not kill her two sons: police bit.ly/adqQRm #

14:36 Monetize your twitter account with twivert. bit.ly/cicp3X #

15:42 Israeli forces kill five Palestinian militants bit.ly/9YOiR5 #

16:00 Monthly photo contests that anyone can enter and you get to choose the winners from selected finalists! There i lx.im/5d9D #sponsored #

16:56 Turkish aid activists deported bit.ly/bxEEso #

17:51 Some of the first accounts emerged Tuesday from eyewitnesses who were aboard several boats stormed by Israeli forces .. bit.ly/d2vYs2 #

18:44 Militants attack Afghan peace talks bit.ly/aIgsH9 #

20:01 Pain researchers given Asturias science award bit.ly/dhtEgI #

20:01 More civil and criminal probes against BP bit.ly/buLqSF #

21:50 Capital shocker: Gores to split after 40 years bit.ly/cNycEa #

21:50 Taliban attack Karzai’s Jirga assembly in Kabul bit.ly/cjk1py #

23:08 NY school sued after teen suspended over rosary bit.ly/b8OUy7 #

23:08 Turkey calls for end of Gaza blockade bit.ly/aeSABP #

23:08 Farmer outrage as irrigation faces axe bit.ly/9qSVRp #

23:08 Revenge drove Iraqi informer bit.ly/9zDK7K #

23:11 True Singles Dating has over 15 million registered singles. Register and find your match for free! sponsored spn.tw/e8Hv #

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