Ringkasan Pengetahuan Baru

4 Juni 2010

Tulisan ini merupakan pokok materi yang di dapatkan dari berbagai sumber pengetahuan terbaru. Apabila anda tertarik untuk membaca yang lebih lengkap silahkan klik link adf yang mengikuti setiap artikel.

00:07 ad: It’s the 20th Anniversary of the Italia ’90 World Cup – let’s get Nessun Dorma to #1 again! bit.ly/cVd6NN #

00:50 N.Y. school sued after suspending teen for rosary beads bit.ly/cVtqrv #

00:50 Teen sex survey: Pregnancy growing in acceptance bit.ly/diZE6y #

00:51 Several dead after rural shooting spree in UK bit.ly/cGqGf3 #

01:58 Ask USA TODAY Weather bit.ly/bGlMQu #

01:58 More flooding deaths in Europe bit.ly/bkafjI #

01:58 BP’s problems fuel takeover talk bit.ly/d9Izd2 #

03:46 Study abroad expo has countries clamoring for mobile students bit.ly/9wKPPt #

03:46 Episcopal target: Anglican leader urges penalty for ordaining gays bit.ly/ddBEpi #

05:00 States to establish nationwide standards for students, teachers bit.ly/dje3Rg #

05:00 Student immigrants use civil rights-era strategies bit.ly/abGz3a #

05:38 Survey: Teens more accepting of out-of-wedlock pregnancy bit.ly/9vDq62 #

05:51 When Billy Nungesser appears on the news, sweat-soaked and breathless, railing against BP and the government for fail.. bit.ly/aA6Anb #

06:46 Once disgraced, Ted Haggard to start new church in Colorado bit.ly/d5lGnO #

06:46 More structured flip-flops are easier on your legs bit.ly/9jyUol #

06:46 Mini tornado smashes NSW coastal town bit.ly/9BGcY6 #

08:00 Survey: Teens more accepting of out-of-wedlock pregnancy bit.ly/ajX1RK #

09:45 Al, Tipper Gore split puts focus on late-stage divorces bit.ly/anJpCH #

09:45 Tension in Korea: A sunken ship, and talk of war bit.ly/cyQwtz #

09:45 Low-paid workers win $26 pay rise bit.ly/9AS8im #

10:58 As anxiety rises over oil spill, focus turns to limiting damage bit.ly/dC2NZ9 #

10:58 100 homes hit by Lennox ‘mini-tornado’ bit.ly/aB8F59 #

10:58 Chatfield not guilty of dishonesty bit.ly/ah7R1a #

12:44 Tension in Korea: A sunken ship, and talk of war bit.ly/awLT4E #

12:44 Stolen monkeys found dumped in cage bit.ly/dqZIck #

13:57 As anxiety rises over oil spill, crews try to limit destruction bit.ly/dkA5CY #

13:57 Mock-up spaceship prepares mankind for Mars bit.ly/am4zr3 #

14:18 Take part in Twivert’s affiliate programs: Earn 10% of the funds deposited by advertisers you refer everytime. bit.ly/cicp3X #

16:00 the new HP Slate! HP very own tablets competing with the iPad.. lx.im/5jor #sponsored #

16:58 Aid activists describe ‘horrific’ ordeal bit.ly/cXECry #

18:00 A cop killer and child molester who has been on the U.S. Marshals Service’s 15 most-wanted fugitive list for nearly f.. bit.ly/aQBPrV #

18:43 Relief for storm-hit Guatemala bit.ly/bqCNGf #

18:43 Israel defiant on Gaza blockade bit.ly/ccV8y6 #

21:47 Scientists begin 520-day Mars mission simulation bit.ly/9FBWIG #

21:47 Al, Tipper Gore split puts focus on late-stage divorces bit.ly/b0AbYB #

23:02 Coral atolls hold on despite sea-level rise bit.ly/b8jHKw #

23:02 Anti-graft chiefs doubt watchdog bit.ly/a3bdrh #

23:02 Indigenous leaders savage plan bit.ly/c2ZlmR #

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