Ringkasan Pengetahuan Baru

5 Juni 2010

Tulisan ini merupakan pokok materi yang di dapatkan dari berbagai sumber pengetahuan terbaru. Apabila anda tertarik untuk membaca yang lebih lengkap silahkan klik link adf yang mengikuti setiap artikel.

00:49 Congress looks into PediaCare recall bit.ly/9diHGF #

00:49 Strikes hit Greece ahead of protest weekend bit.ly/av9iJY #

00:49 Judge shot dead in Brussels court bit.ly/a94oJ5 #

02:01 Progress in battle against Gulf oil leak bit.ly/c1I0Wv #

02:01 Anti-Israel protests on the streets of Ankara bit.ly/c58hzn #

03:48 CDC: 1 in 5 high school students abuse prescription drugs bit.ly/9rf7wf #

03:48 Merkel nominates Wulff for presidency bit.ly/aTLX5t #

05:01 Ask USA TODAY Weather bit.ly/cgRmzg #

06:46 Breast cancer genes not worsened by lifestyle, study says bit.ly/bsCsgA #

06:46 BP readies dome to cap leaking well; oil nears Florida coast bit.ly/9utFrT #

06:51 Great things can happen to those nominated as CNN Heroes:

.. bit.ly/aXqhPI #

08:00 More adults watching videos online; comedy trumps news bit.ly/cZUeei #

09:45 Officials work hard to protect Gulf seafood from oil spill bit.ly/90Vxfe #

09:45 Man charged over Facebook defacing bit.ly/bqsKlT #

10:58 Audit: Baghdad embassy wasted money bit.ly/dleRbd #

10:58 Insulation firm faces court over death bit.ly/daE3yO #

12:43 Ariz., White House to start work on reinforcing border bit.ly/c0q8v6 #

12:43 States seek alternatives to roadside memorials bit.ly/a4GIkD #

12:43 BP attaches cap to damaged Gulf oil well bit.ly/bCjDrO #

12:43 Mansell lawyer questions detention bit.ly/bEv4OP #

12:43 Newborn showed sign of life: coroner bit.ly/9H8hVV #

13:56 Report: More marriages mix races or ethnicities than ever bit.ly/9OXEbL #

13:56 Obama under fire for election tactics with Sestak, Romanoff bit.ly/ak5w13 #

13:56 Karzai set to win jirga support over Taliban moves bit.ly/9Wsbdf #

13:56 Japan’s parliament elects new PM bit.ly/b1qNnB #

14:31 Take part in Twivert’s affiliate programs: Earn 10% of the funds deposited by advertisers you refer everytime. bit.ly/cicp3X #

15:43 McDonald’s pulls 12 million cadmium-tainted Shrek glasses bit.ly/9nE8Rb #

16:00 Buy Twitter followers: U want 10,000 more followers, so that U can increase the traffic/revenue to Ur website? lx.im/5kg_ #sponsored #

16:57 Emblematic birds found coated in oil bit.ly/bpDaz7 #

18:43 Naoto Kan confirmed as new Japanese PM bit.ly/byBpO6 #

19:00 "Golden Girls" actress Rue McClanahan died of a stroke in a New York hospital early Thursday, her manager said. She w.. bit.ly/cSqkXJ #

20:00 More adults watching videos online; comedy trumps news bit.ly/d3q0FW #

20:00 BP: Cap gets some Gulf oil, crude still spews bit.ly/aAf3hH #

20:00 Turkey looks to Iraq to help end Kurdish conflict bit.ly/cumhJI #

20:00 "Contact lost" with new Gaza aid ship bit.ly/cBFZlc #

20:34 Progress in BP oil spill operation bit.ly/bTXcgz #

21:47 McDonald’s pulls 12 million cadmium-tainted Shrek glasses bit.ly/dncBFk #

21:47 Diplomatic moves continue amid tension bit.ly/ae15eK #

23:02 More adults watching videos online; comedy trumps news bit.ly/cvrSJm #

23:03 Comedy Central chided for proposed Jesus cartoon bit.ly/b4eU5f #

23:03 Pope calls for dialogue with Islam in Cyprus visit bit.ly/9Sx3TY #

23:03 Reservations on Garrett’s vision bit.ly/bTCfzp #

23:03 Assault on Catholic BER work dismissed bit.ly/dvZBVp #

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