Ringkasan Pengetahuan Baru

7 Juni 2010

Tulisan ini merupakan pokok materi yang di dapatkan dari berbagai sumber pengetahuan terbaru. Apabila anda tertarik untuk membaca yang lebih lengkap silahkan klik link adf yang mengikuti setiap artikel.

00:42 Grandpa’s decision-making skills may be just fine bit.ly/da4wdb #

00:42 Obama names Pentagon official to head spy agencies bit.ly/aEaOKj #

00:42 Governments warned to keep finances in order bit.ly/9yCELg #

00:42 Merkel says UN ready to act on Iran bit.ly/9RLxxu #

01:58 Dutch murder suspect arrives in Lima bit.ly/bQHLLc #

01:58 Obama names Pentagon official to head spy agencies bit.ly/a2N4VY #

01:58 Global protests against Israel aid ship action bit.ly/dsy8Vq #

01:59 Israeli troops board Irish aid ship ‘peacefully’ bit.ly/97aAFB #

03:42 Moist-eyed Dutch murder suspect interrogated bit.ly/aiDgVe #

07:56 Oil touches down on Florida beaches bit.ly/95Tijs #

08:51 Ray Midgett hunts the Corolla beaches on the Outer Banks of North Carolina almost every day.

.. bit.ly/914VP3 #

09:41 Oil touches down on Florida beaches bit.ly/dlHXzc #

12:41 National disasters to impact Qld budget bit.ly/9y1EX8 #

14:55 Want to earn from Twitter? Learn how you can monetize tweets here. bit.ly/cicp3X #

15:39 Impact on wildlife from the US oil spill is worsening bit.ly/9v6loD #

15:39 Progress in US oil spill siphoning efforts bit.ly/d55A3t #

16:00 Some great affordable paintings for sale from @artextend showcasing art from Peru, Kenya, and Mozambique lx.im/5gkR #sponsored #

16:54 Elif Şafak, Turkey’s most-read woman novelist bit.ly/avUFTL #

18:41 Saturn moon offers hints of early life on Earth bit.ly/byPvlg #

18:41 Call me Rooney, say England pub workers bit.ly/aSYSTZ #

19:54 Slovenia votes on Croatian border deal bit.ly/bmfxjd #

21:00 Seven players from the Green Bay Packers were questioned as part of an investigation into the alleged sexual assaults.. bit.ly/9n0mpV #

21:41 Gulf containment cap closely watched in second day bit.ly/c5HE0G #

22:56 Major cuts: High schools face hard economic lessons bit.ly/dlLSkL #

22:57 Sisterhood ends where it began for 2 merging nuns bit.ly/9l2ZeF #

22:57 Google’s snooping referred to AFP bit.ly/aAGUJb #

22:57 Stimulus puts homes on hold bit.ly/cTpKak #

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