10 April 2011


Why Sun Country Airlines Has Emerged After The Storm

Posted: 09 Apr 2011 03:31 PM PDT

Many years ago, Braniff Airlines was flying around the world; but when they
finally lost the fight – that is when Sun Country Airlines appeared. Some
of the employees who worked for Braniff wanted to remain in the aviation
industry, so that is when Sun Country came into being. Minnesota was the
base of operations for Sun Country; out of the Minneapolis area.They seemed
to specialize in flying vacationers to many popular locations in Mexico,
Caribbean, and the southern US. They built their business on vacation air
travel to popular, warm locales. The company had a short-lived death spiral
after 9/11 happened, but it seemed to only last a few months. We will tell
you much more about this amazing smaller airliner.

Much about Sun Country Airlines is fairly typical of many airlines because
they all operate pretty close to the bone. It wasn’t until 1999 that Sun
Country Airlines was actually recognized as an airliner. But once that
happened, then they were right in the middle of all out price wars. Very
soon they had lost a great of money, something like 60 million when
entering 2000.They could not sustain any more losses after September 11th
happened. They did finally bring everything to a close by the end of 2001.

The fleet owned by Sun Country Airlines is known as being eco-green and
fuel efficient. This company tries to be socially responsible, and that
includes a sense of responsibility to the planet. The planes they use are
the latest in terms of fuel efficient design and technology. Going beyond
fuel efficiency, there is also noise economy and concerns, and they once
again have the right engines for the lowest amount of noise generated. Sun
Country uses the Boeing 737NG class aircraft which is considered the most
environmentally friendly aircraft. That aircraft is very low in carbon
emissions when basing on seat/passenger numbers.

International flights began in July, 2010 for Sun Country when they
announced flights to London and Hawaii. They used the Boeing 737-800 which
is a twin engine airliner. However the airlines is no stranger to
trans-Atlantic crossing with twin engine aircraft. The first trans-Atlantic
crossing for Sun Country was the previous month, in June, when they
departed from Minneapolis and landed in London.

Sun Country Airlines was allowed to file for bankruptcy, however they are
still alive and in operations. This move will enable them to restructure
for increased profits and more business. At this time they will be involved
in the reorganization process which is normal for these situations.

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