3 Mei 2011


Why Philippine Airlines Is So Different From All The Rest

Posted: 02 May 2011 05:08 PM PDT

The history of Philippine Airlines sometimes seems like something straight
from a movie. We aren’t even close to kidding. If there is any company on
the planet that has character, it’s PAL. For more than sixty years, this
company has done business. Off and on over the years, PAL saw political
upheaval in their own country and found themselves in difficult
circumstances. They are still standing even after the Asian financial
crisis that happened during the turn of the century. Continue reading this
article to learn more about just how remarkably resilient this company is.

Right from the start, the mission of Philippines Airlines was to help build
a nation. The launch of the company occurred on March 15, 1941. It’s pretty
amazing that PAL only had one aircraft when they started. Keeping in mind
the world events of 1941, it’s even more amazing to realize that it was a
small aircraft. PAL started out with a brave heart, and have pushed forward
with that kind of attitude.Because they are a socially aware company, good
things seem to happen wherever PAL goes. This helps them stand out among
the other airline companies. They own two Boeing 777s among dozens of other
sophisticated aircraft.

Those companies based in the Philippines can now enjoy the many benefits
and perks for those who travel by air more frequently. So to make sure all
of their business flying customers have no problems, PAL went so far as to
develop a separate department just to make sure all goes well. While that
may seem unusual, when you know how PAL operates it is not such an unusual
thing. PAL truly values all their customers, but their corporate frequent
flyers are treated very well with customized program benefits and various
deals. There are the normal program rewards for frequent flyers that the
corporate flyers still receive. It is true that all major carriers engage
in various kinds of rewards programs designed to retain business and look
attractive. Yet, once again Philippine Airlines makes the effort to do more
and be willing to offer more.

All of the flights on PAL are Mabuhay Class Business Class. This is another
way of saying that the tired and busy passengers of these flights are
allowed to have more legroom and seats that are more comfortable. The
latter is also termed, advanced seating ergonomics, but that basically
means the seats are more comfortable. Economy seating is called “Fiesta
Class” and it works just like the economy sections in all of the other
major airlines. People who fly on the long haul flights are given breakfast
while they are on board the planes. Passengers are also given kits with
socks, a slumber mask and toothpaste.

Philippine Airlines is a prime example of a major airline that is closely
connected to the social and political currents of its parent nation. The
reason for this is due to the small size of their country plus the general
and chronic financial stress that exists in the Philippines. Long ago they
recognized the difficult political and social environment and have always
made decisions with that landscape in mind. One such response by Philippine
Airlines was to build a world class aviation training school and facility
in their homeland. What that means is future opportunities for generations
to come, plus it adds a much needed boost to the local economy.

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