11 Agustus 2011


Queen’s Day Celebration in Amsterdam

Posted: 10 Aug 2011 04:48 PM PDT

In Netherlands Queen’s day is a national holiday. People from all over the
world visit Amsterdam to take part in this event. This festival is held
every year to commemorate the birthday of the former Queen of Netherlands
named Queen Juliana. This is one of the most famous event in Netherlands.
Amsterdam Street parties are the most popular aspect of Queen’s day
celebrations. The celebration starts quite early in some parts of Amsterdam
it start the previous night and continues the next day. This event is also
famous for its flea market.
Without a trip to these flea markets the Queen’s day event doesn’t end.
This is the only day in the year when the Government allows street trading
without any permits. One in every five residents in Amsterdam sells goods
in the flea market and makes around £100. If you are looking to buy
souvenir, toys, books etc. then it is the best place to visit.
Apart from flea market a number of outdoor concerts, street parties and
many other activities take place throughout the day. During Queen’s day
most of the nightclubs organize special parties to celebrate the event and
if you want to celebrate the event in style then book yourself to one of
these events.
One thing that you will notice during Queen’s day is the colour orange.
People wears orange t-shirts, hats, dyed their hair orange and even they
sometimes paint their face orange during this event. The reason why people
wear orange is because orange is the colour of the Royal family.
Queen’s day is not all about adults. Families head to Vondelpark for kids
activities face painting, puppet shows, games, theatrical performances and
many other kid’s activities takes place out here. In Vondelpark you can
find many food stalls selling different kinds of foods and drinks. If you
want to enjoy the event then book your hotel near Vondelpark for easy
access to the main events. During the event the public transports and roads
are overcrowded and it is very difficult to travel from one part of the
city to another, so if you want to enjoy the event without travelling much
then try to book your hotel near the venue. Every year approx. seven
hundred thousand visitor attend this event.

Areas where Queen’s day is celebrated:

Jordaan – There are many famous bars and clubs that are located in this
area and the street party is mainly carried out by the locals.

Museumplein – A major radio channel throws the biggest open air concert

Leidseplein – You can find open air stage and cheap beers.

Westerpark – Party starts here from 8 in the evening on the Queen’s day and
continues till 5 in the morning.

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